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As part of the CCP series, we were thrilled to bring this interactive Inspire virtual event to you in March 2021 – in partnership with Purolite Life Sciences. This meeting equipped attendees with the very latest insights in chromatographic separation, purification and extraction.

Some of the most knowledgeable minds in both industry and academia gathered to share ideas, challenges and innovations across a diverse range of chromatographic applications, including process intensification, therapeutic proteins, chemical production, extracorporeal therapies and THC remediation.

Who Should Attend?

This exclusive meeting was designed for experts in downstream processing across THC cannabinoid, food & beverage, medical devices, chemicals, pharma and life science industries who have a genuine interest in proteins, peptides, oligonucleotides, synthetic biologics in the 100 Da - 5 kDa range.

We were joined by the Chiefs, VPs, Directors, Heads, Principal Scientists, Senior Managers and Leads of:

Downstream Processing Production Process Development
R&D Technology Innovation MSAT
Operations Purification Protein

Process Intensification



Extracorporeal Therapies

Process Analytical Technology

Synthetic Biologics

THC Remediation

Process Control

This bespoke Inspire virtual meeting is designed with and supported by:

purolite life sciences

Purolite Life Sciences brings Purolite’s innovative thinking and distinguished history of resin technology expertise to the global Life Sciences marketplace.  Over three decades, Purolite has grown into the world’s premier resin technology manufacturer and innovation leader, with production plants and advanced research labs across the globe.

Purolite Life Sciences provides APIs, enzyme carriers and immobilized enzymes, and resins for purification and separation to support research and development, and production-scale applications in pharmaceuticals, protein purification, food production, bioprocessing, fine chemical and additional markets. With a team of world-class researchers and scientists, we develop novel, high-demand and customized products to meet customer needs.